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A Message from your Board .... (10/21/22)

To:  All Lighthouse Resort & Club Owners

I want to report first and foremost that all staff and vendors connected to the Lighthouse Resort are safe and secure. To say they have suffered like many in Lee County is an understatement.  Kenoyer's website has tried its best to post updates to its website but unfortunately, to date, there has been little to communicate. Please keep checking our website for further updates regarding the current status and future plans for repair and/or rebuild of the resort (  At this point we know very little other than what we've all seen via the media.  And unfortunately we aren't seeing media reports that we did in the first week following Hurricane Ian but our Lighthouse “people” are still living it every day.  Sanibel is not a place where they are privileged as we are to visit as owners but rather it's their home where the landscape has forever changed.  

Our flood insurance adjusters have already been to the resort to assess the damage. Two of the three buildings have suffered significant damage from erosion caused by the storm surge.  Our structural engineer has been scheduled and is now about a week out. My guess with the storm surge is that all of the first floor units are a total loss. I don't hold high hopes for the pool area and equipment, the elevator mechanicals, parking areas etc.  The Property/Wind adjuster will be visiting with Linda at the resort next week.

The Governor of the great state of Florida has done a masterful job getting the causeway passable and open ahead of schedule. Utility workers are quickly restoring water, sewer and electric services to the island. 

I will be visiting the Resort on behalf of the Board the first part of November.   I will plan for the worst and hope for the best. I have responded by email and phone to many owners to date. Many are looking for a reopening time frame and until further assessments by our contractors and engineers we simply don't know as of yet. A comparison I can give to you all was Hurricane Charley. It was far less damaging to our Islands yet it rendered the Sundial Resort and the South Seas Plantation closed for 2 years. Linda has done a wonderful job coordinating Insurance adjusters, contractors and engineers with assistance and support from Nan O'Hara. Both are operating from their homes. The Lighthouse Resort is a such a special place for so many of us and I think we all share the same priorities of putting this place back the way this grand lady once was as soon as humanly possible. Stay tuned.

Warm regards,
Barry Buckley, President
Lighthouse Resort & Club

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