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Hurricane IRMA update

Due to the devastation, Lighthouse Resort & Club will not be completely operational until Week 38 (9/23/17) There was minimal damage to the properties of fascia, porch screening, etc. with a great deal of foliage loss and trees down. Electricity has just been restored, water still needs to be boiled and Comcast services (TV) are still spotty.

For Owners that own Week 37, there may be a possibility that they can use part of their week but they will need to contact the RESORT mid-week FIRST in order to see if this is feasable.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience

9/19:  Water no longer needs to be boiled and Comcast service is stable.

Hurricane IRMA update (09/13/2017)

Management is accessing damage and waiting to hear when power will be restored on the island. Owners and Guest will be notified for the weeks ahead and the resorts will be working hard to get things up, running and back to normal.  Stay tuned .....

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